Chilliplum Bistro closed on 31 August, 2019


As with most great stories, there is always love involved in one form or another, Chilliplum Bistro is no different…

Chilliplum Bistro is an innovative, fusion concept, which has grown over the years from a passion for growing, cooking & serving great tasting food, to what it has become today.

It began back in 2013 when owner, Ursula Haupt, opened a coffee shop in Kloof, under the same name.

This first step on her own, in a long career in the hospitality industry, lasted for a short year before closing down, due to restrictions of trade & not being able to follow her heart in what she wanted to offer in terms of cuisine.

This blessing in disguise led her to relaunch Chilliplum Bistro on the 8th July 2015 in Hillcrest, KZN

It was KZN’s first vegan restaurant & South Africa’s first fine dining vegan restaurant.

Chilliplum Bistro was really tested in its first year as a restaurant serving only vegan cuisine, but with Ursula’s passion & dedication, Chilliplum Bistro still managed to rise to the 2nd place restaurant in Hillcrest on TripAdvisor in 2016 & has received a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ every year thereafter. In 2016 & 2017 Chilliplum Bistro was awarded the ‘Best Vegetarian Restaurant in KZN’ on the “Of Local” website & 2018 won the overall category for ‘Best Restaurant in KZN’ on the same website.

Due to demographics, location and Chilliplum Bistro’s customers’ needs, Chilliplum Bistro introduced meat onto its menu on 1st November 2017. Purely by accident this day (out of 365 days a year), happened to be World Vegan Day!!!

This is where Chilliplum Bistro & Ursula’s mettle were really put to the test as far as innovation goes. With the backlash from the vegan community, Chilliplum Bistro bounced back as a restaurant which offered to all tastes, making it somewhat of a “Sui generis”!

Outgrowing its location in Hillcrest, Chilliplum Bistro relocated to the Gillitts Shopping Centre & reopened on 1st November 2018. In keeping with its slogan of “fresh, local & seasonal”, Chef Robert & his culinary team have created a menu which boasts some of the area’s finest lamb, beef, fresh fish, game & veggies with an underlying tone of simplicity & quality of produce.

Thanks needs to be mentioned to some of our suppliers for the ethos in supplying excellent quality products.

  • ‘Long Shadow Farm’ for their organic cheeses and yoghurt

  • ‘Moores-Pitt’ for their free-range and organic chicken

  • ‘The Real Meat Co.’ for their free-range, organic and higher welfare lamb and beef

  • ‘Wild Meats’ for their game

  • The local fisherman for their daily fresh catches

  • ‘Early Moon’ & ‘Baynesfield Living’ for their fresh fruit & vegetables

All of this helps to keep Chilliplum Bistro intimate & in a class of its own….

So sit back, relax with a glass of wine from our carefully selected wine list, and enjoy….you’re in good hands!